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From our current location, Dr. Eric Mitchell has been specializing in this population since 2001. Those working with Neurodiversity Consultants have been serving the neurodiverse individuals for years or even decades. Created to address the growing need for lifespan support to neurodiverse individuals (including those who identify on the autism spectrum) who live in the Philadelphia region and beyond, Neurodiversity Consultants seeks to increase access to high-quality specialized services from experienced consultants, sometimes augmenting current services where applicable to optimize outcomes. With access to extensive professional resources, Neurodiversity Consultants is able to flexibly provide myriad evaluations, trainings, behavioral supports, social skills development, educational supports, occupational and speech therapy, developmental services, and more. Neurodiversity Consultants offers this full range of consultation services and supports to address the unique needs of and maximize strengths of each person and system influenced by ASD and other forms of neurodiversity.


Most of our consultation services are provided in homes, schools, partnering employers/programs, and in communities. The majority of our services are also available through videoconference, and can be optimized for a combination of remote and in-person support, to be adapted as needs change in the future. We also offer assessment and therapeutic services in our comfortable offices located at 6810 Emlen Street in the beautiful Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, very near public transportation and SEPTA Regional Rail (Carpenter Station on the Chestnut Hill West line).

For more information on how we can build supports customized for various needs, and/or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our experienced consultants, please contact


NOTE: Additional consultant profiles are available upon request, including speech therapists, occupational therapists, special educators, behaviorists, mentors, vocational/social coaches, executive functioning specialists, and psychologists.

Eric R. Mitchell, PhD, Owner/Director:

Dr. Eric Mitchell is a certified school psychologist in Pennsylvania as well as a licensed psychologist (in both Pennsylvania and Delaware) who remains active in a variety of neurodiversity initiatives around the region, often translating research into practice for universities, behavioral health settings, schools, families, individuals, and other stakeholders. He is the author of "Putting It Together: The Autism and Asperger's Handbook." After graduating from the University of Vermont, he moved on to Rutgers University for his master’s degree, and then to the University of Pennsylvania for his doctoral studies. He accepted a post-doctoral fellowship specializing in ASD and related conditions with emphasis on evidence-based interventions. Dr. Mitchell has many years of experience as an educator, evaluator, licensed psychologist, school psychologist, program developer, advocate, researcher, and administrator. With a focus on ASD, Dr. Mitchell has been a Holroyd Lecturer for La Salle University, a keynote and Rovinsky Lecturer for PCOM, and maintains active speaking/training roles with Drexel University. He has been very active in providing guidance and workshops at regional conferences, universities, and various agencies specializing with autism and neurodiversity. He continues to build collaborative partnerships between families, schools, universities, mental health agencies, professionals, self-advocates, and others in the ASD community. He is particularly interested in developing stakeholder partnerships, innovative program development, training initiatives, workshop/speaking engagements, administrative and supervisory considerations, research consultation, expert consultation/evaluations, and therapeutic interventions with diverse populations. He has served in various capacities in the autism community as a facility director, clinician, consultant, program director/developer, family member, and as an active voice representing the common interests of providers, families, schools, and self-advocates alike. He also maintains a range of interests around diversity, such as racial/cultural identity development, sexual orientation, religious/spiritual diversity, neurodiversity (including ADHD and ASD topics), cultural competence, de-escalation and minimally-invasive restraint techniques, first responder training, and transition planning. Have served as an expert witness for both families as well as schools and providers, Dr. Mitchell interfaces with legal, educational, and institutional professionals on a regular basis around special education, program development, conference development, and evaluations. Most importantly, he remains a dedicated father and family member in the autism community, and also cherishes his time working clinically with those he serves.


Melissa Brown, MOT, OTR/L is a Board Certified and Licensed Occupational Therapist in the state of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Temple University in 2006. She has over 14 years of experience working in an approved private school for children ages 3-21 with visual impairments and physical disabilities. Melissa has also owned her own outpatient clinic, which allows her to be able to bridge the gap between school-based and medically-based occupational therapy recommendations. Melissa's specialties include: Multiple Physical Disabilities, Visual Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Fine Motor Delays (Handwriting/Dysgraphia), Assistive Technology, Seating and Positioning for Access, and Dual Sensory Loss (hearing and vision). Melissa has presented at several state, national and international conferences/trainings including: Assistive Technology Industry Association in 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2020, American Occupational Therapy Association in 2018 & 2019, Penn-Del AER annual Vision conference in 2016 & 2018, and Tri-State ACA conference in 2017.

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Jazar Hall, MHS, LBS

After receiving advice from a colleague, Jazar decided to continue his education in seeking to become licensed behavior specialist in 2009. Jazar began his career under the mentorship of Dr. Eric Mitchell serving as behaviorist with neurodiverse individuals and their families. In 2012, Jazar realized that some of the children whom he was servicing were having a difficult time adjusting at summer camp. It was at this point that Jazar developed the idea for a community-based camp, specifically for autistic children, the A-Team. In 2013, Jazar helped to open the doors of the Bookman Readers Summer Camp to include special needs. The camp, which is currently operating in Northwest Philadelphia, services up to 50 children each summer. Jazar wears many hats within the human service field, but he continues to remain true to his Philadelphia roots, still working mainly as a behaviorist.  He also began working with adults who require behavior support under the Office of Developmental Programs in 2017. Additionally, he helps families transition from school-based (children services) to adult waiver services within Pennsylvania, and has helped his clients navigate a variety of systems, including independent, parochial, and public school transitions.

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PA Licensed Behavior Specialist
PA Licensed Professional Counselor
Serving as a private consultant, Nanci Goldenberg provides Child & Family Home-Based Therapy, academic supports, neurodivergent-friendly mentoring, behavior coaching, and related assistance to individuals who face challenges in their daily life situations. Goldenberg serves as a facilitator at the Center at Hampton House, a private facility offering counseling services to individuals identifying with Autism and intellectual disabilities to promote acquisition of independent living skills, practical office and business technology skills, and skills in professional trades. Goldenberg served as a dedicated Behavioral Consultant for the Ruttenberg Autism Center and is presently a dedicated Behavioral Consultant and PA licensed Professional Counselor for Neurodiversity Consultants LLC. She implements home/community-based services in her role as instructional coach/tutor, and offers individual and family therapy to implement home/community-based supports to expand social competency, flexibility, and executive functioning skills.Goldenberg served as a paraprofessional for the Abington School District from 2009-2017. Using her extensive knowledge of Autism and her passion to help individuals in need, she carried out instructional student programs as outlined in their IEPs, oversaw student integration into regular education inclusion classes, and provided direct supervision to students in autism support, emotional support, and learning support classrooms. While at the Abington School District, she received a PRIDE Faculty/Staff Acknowledgement. During her graduate studies at Arcadia University, she was awarded the Arcadia Student Representative Award for exceptional service to Philadelphia Behavior Therapy Association. Ms. Goldenberg holds an MA in Professional Counseling from Arcadia University with Concentration Certifications in Autism and Child & Family Therapy, and is certified via the National Counseling Exam. She is a PA Licensed Behavior Specialist and a PA Licensed Professional Counselor.


Angela Grecia, M.S., CCC-SLP, is a bilingual Nationally Certified and Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in the state of Pennsylvania.  She graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2003 with a dual major in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Spanish.  Angela went on to a Spanish/English bilingual Master’s Program at Arizona State University for Communication Sciences and Disorders with an emphasis in Multicultural and Multilingual Populations.  She began working in Early Intervention with the 0-3 population in 2006, providing treatment, consultation and initial evaluations across Montgomery, Delaware, and Bucks counties.  In addition to Early Intervention, she has over a decade of experience working in an approved private school for children ages 3-21 with a wide range of abilities and diagnoses, including Visual Impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Language/Pragmatic Delays and Differences, Deafblindness, Stuttering, Specific Language Impairment and Developmental Delay, to name a few.  Angela’s special interests are Stuttering and Fluency, Bilingualism, and Social Language Disorders/Delays.

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Miriam Lederman is a highly experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Behavior Specialist, and Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional. She has worked with children and families since 2003 who struggle with developmental, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties. She specializes with neurodiverse children exhibiting features of autism, anxiety, depression, grief, social difficulties, and behavior dysregulation. She utilizes effective strategies including play therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and ABA. Consultation and sessions are individualized for each client, and may include peers, siblings, parents, caretakers, or others working with the client in order to meet the best outcomes. Miriam has worked in many levels of care (including birth-to-three, outpatient, home-based, community-based, wraparound/IBHS, and inpatient), providing clinical supervision, functional behavior assessment, treatment planning, and direct services. She adapts strategies from her experience into each opportunity to best meet the needs of each client and family. She works from a multisystems and strengths-based perspective, assisting each client and their support system to use their strengths to meets their goals, while identifying resources to optimize their path forward. 

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Doreen Williams, MSEd is a consummate teacher, special education supervisor, consultant, and lecturer in neurodiversity and autism. She is the owner of a day care center serving children of all abilities, Delightful Darlings Daycare, and maintains autism consulting/teaching/training relationships with Neurodiversity Consultants, Neumann University, and Williams Peat & Associates. Previously, she was the founding Director of autism initiatives at Green Tree School, promoting successful transitions toward adulthood for students with myriad needs.

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